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was intelligent that official says the north african affiliate may be to blame for the attack on libya. the attack killed four people including the u.s. ambassador to libya. the national counter-terrorism unit said testified in congress investigating crude attack happened in a protest. mello and actress in the video from a fraud and slander suit against a filmmaker. see says she was duped cling to a controversial dialog was dubbed in after her involvement in the project. >>> happened a month ago in a large refinery in the country grew the no reports or-in this fire. >>> he should call ahead if you have a flood of american airlines or its regional character of the eagle. american has canceled 300 flights this week alone. a high number of recent on a high number of pilots calling in sick since they rejected the latest contract offer. it currently going through bankruptcy restructuring. an analyst says the recent drop in crude prices coupled with the end of the is the driving season could make less is low at the gas pump. national price for a gallon of widow is the 385. to americans either ended up w
>>> u.s. ambassador to libya at christopher stephens the three other americans are dead after protesters in he had. it's nice. stevens was born and raised in northern california he is a graduate degree in houston berkeley and a j.d. from the university of southern california have hastings college it happened on to state government charged the consulate and set fire to the building. protesters but andrew l. a film that criticizes mohammad. is to translate into arabic and posted on you too. >>> don't make of people angry. because they will kill you. pitt >>> the towards the american flag and replace it with an islamic better. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton insisted mid sang is no justification for violent acts. it is not been confirmed by the state department and it is unclear whether they were killed as part of the attack on the consulate in the city. >>> of the sudden 91 people or a kit after funniest look at two factories in pakistan. most of those killed were of a garment factory to achieve today. the shoe factory could be the victims were unable to escape because t
to protect foreign embassies and gas in the country. permission on the tax in libya. of the militants pick used are used protest as a cover to attack the consulate in benghazi. u.s. officials believe the radical an offshoot of the kid is likely behind the deadly attacks. president obama issued a warrant to tell our spiritual i want and will run the world to me and those who would do is form of terrorism or go unpunished. >>> ken & source tells cbs five that the and after that will set the investigation back into the 30 american survivors of the attack could the survivors are now at 8 and based in the remains of christopher stevens in the arsenal to recall once a day. >>> offers look inside the consulate of a single room in every building looks just like the set. torched been ransacked. a compound sits on eight residential street. the attackers came from all sides at once. been bombing and burning their way through the compound in the fourth half hour siege. the commission should there is nothing left. even topping tossing furniture into mitt romney was tackled on the campaign trail over hi
shows the effort to save you up as ambassador to libya. the president of the city shot the video would face of competition as a group of libyan strike to press you chris stevens after finding him go live inside the consulate. eventually they drove into a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >>> if through some got a little more than he bargained for this year. he had to be rescued from a tree under the forced know which and auburn. he jumped on the bridge after sunset last night and got caught on a tree on his way gun. the two crew several hours to rescue him. he's none trouble with the law for jumping from the highest bridge in california. >>> 69 year-old charlie pretty the fire firefighter was traveling to visit firefighter montreal. his lasting five days ago, on the bus but a conductor who said he did appear disoriented. >>> if he was disoriented he could a fallen and he could be on the side of the tracks for more. >>> and the family says he was taking medication for heart problems and diabetes his >>> the police chief of san jose will soon turn in his badge. >>> some people
.s. consulate in libya who was premeditated. the white house spokesperson says flow last week its attack is under attack. the sense that goal is to find out what happened at a white into a truck of those responsible for the deaths. at least 46 people were killed when a gas to sell the burst into flames in northern mexico. the giant ball of flame shot into the air city emergency crews scrambling. officials say it started with an explosion of a still did not have an official calls. a number of people also injured in the blast. >>> back to school, in chicago. teachers have ended a seven day strike. the contract is still not court finalized. the target that was a member union has to approve the contract. there were objecting to lager school days evaluations tied to student performance. >>> when people come together to deal with problems of education the people that are actually working in the schools need to be heard. i think that discipline and opportunity for people across the nation to have their voices heard. and i think were moving in the right direction. >>> a full contract low is yet
american bombs with one bomb. >>> the president is also expected to address of rest and serial libya and other countries. it's a comment that he made on 60 minutes that led the most attention and the campaign. >>> have a recent advance the middle east into a cause. >>> hopes i was pretty certain that there aren't to be bumps in the road. >>> mitt romney jumped on that road has said that upon a dozen jobs and syria and the american ambassador been killed. on the bombs and above. >>> the wife has come rummies attacked us with an offensive. >>> romney in the press to both top foreign policy at the clinton global initiative in york. then it's back to the presidential campaign trail or both men will be in ohio. >>> the u.s. supreme court and could announce as soon as the day if it will take up same-sex marriage into cases. one involves california pop 80. the other kids involved the new york woman sued singer won't unfairly treats same-sex couples. >>> got after a bid to log that regulates so-called party buses will mark the signing of the legislation. the battle requires bus companies or
on the u.s. consulate and in gaza and libya. he says is so uncertain which group was involved the been president says his government has suspended about 10 militia groups and he will continue to take action against the muslim extremists. >>> a man behind the entire muslim video that sparked angry protests against the united states is in jail. it was ordered to jail because you violated or returns to a check fraud. >>> of the first presidential debate is five days away. the two cabot's will spend weekends preparing for the competition. both men campaign in virginia yesterday. i covered everything from the economy to the national security rich >>> is so troubled and dangerous world. the idea of mott cutting our military commitment over a trillion dollars is unthinkable and the setting crews >>> my opponent thinks is heard that someone who makes $20 million a year like them happens a lot more rain had a call that a teacher who makes $50,000. the first a bit hit nbc in here this evening at 6. >>> she will not be. comedienne roseanne barr is running for the white house as a member of the pe
and libya. the u.s. is in evacuating non- essential personnel from the embassies there encouraging american citizens to leave. >>> for more american service rivers are dead at the hands of an afghan police officer. that have been yesterday at a checkpoint. the chairman of the u.s. strong cheeses staff says the increase in that type of insect attack is a very serious threat to the war effort. the defense that the choice of the attacks are a last gasp of a tub and insurgency. >>> occupy protesters are marking one year since the movement began. the small group camped overnight at the bank of america center in san francisco. there's a few pictures here in those are a few tents like that. the kids are already upper yesterday to protect fish hilliest areas of the plaza. >>> this is an integral to show people that if they're frustrated with the and do is to a bunch of friends and go occupy. occupy is a very crow powerful political tactic good >>> and police officers had been sending back the curtain in california's three good this afternoon debased change that when other occupied groups are expect
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8